Sponsorship announcement with 4* Event rider Tiffani Loudon-Meetze


Tiffani is an incredible rider and is held in very high regard for her training, currently coaching the Young Rider programme. Tiffani

is based out of Windfield Farm, SC with her team of 4 horses.

Tiffani said that she knew instantly when she first rode in the Paramour Dressage mono-flap that it was the saddle for her. ‘It was quite amazing to feel the difference in how he (Hap) moved and how I could feel so much more contact through my leg. One of the things I love about Bliss is how you can customize the tree and the saddle to the horse as well as to the rider. I am very petite and always have problems with saddles that don’t fit me correctly. In the past, I would just sacrifice my comfort in a saddle as long as it was right for my horse and made him happy. But now with Bliss I can have both”.














We have chosen Tiffani to team with because of her beautiful riding and teaching ability and empathy with her horses. Values we hold
with high regard. We look forward to a supporting Tiffani and watching her progress with Hap and her other exciting young horses as they develop.


Our east coast saddle fitting consultant Patty Merli will be also be working with Tiffani in providing a saddle service plan to ensure that
Tiffani is constantly at the top of her sport.