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Equine Balance Saddles was born from the need for quality, handmade, properly fitted saddles. After years of fitting saddles independently, Katherine Penner answered the growing demand for reasonably priced saddles, that were made to fit both the horse and rider.


Katherine began her education as a saddle fitter, during her two years of training at the BC College of Equine Therapy. While assessing saddles for her clients, she quickly came to realize there was no one to do the maintenance and re-flocking required to maintain fit. After doing a great deal of research, she found the most comprehensive course at The Saddle Fit and Re-flocking School in South Carolina. After doing the six months of training and apprenticeship, Katherine received her designation as a Certified Saddle Fitter. During the next several years of fitting, re-flocking, and converting a variety of saddles.


Contact: Katherine Penner, #1502 928 Beatty St, Vancouver, V6Z3G6, Canada, Tel: 604 721 6345, Email: info@equinebalancesaddles.ca,

Web: www.equinebalancesaddles.ca






Företaget drivs av Kristin Krantz Petersson.


Kristin har gått utbildningar i bla England, Frankrike och i Sverige och samt har många års erfarenhet.

Det viktiga vid sadelutprovningar är helhetsbilden, dvs att både häst och ryttare blir fullt nöjda med sadeln. Sadeln skall inte hindra utan hjälpa till att utveckla hästen, ryttaren och ridningen.


En dåligt utprovad sadel skadar hästen både kortsiktigt och långsiktigt, varmed det är av största vikt att se till att ha en väl utprovad sadel till varje häst

En välutprovad sadel hjälper hästen att röra sig naturligt och utveckla sina kropp på ett hälsosamt sätt.

Det centrala i verksamheten är sadelprovning men vi har även produkter såsom schabrak, stigläder, grimmor, träns, mm i mindre omfattning.


Kristin has been trained in England, France and Sweden and has many years of experience.


The important thing with saddle fitting is the global picture, ie that both horse and rider will be fully satisfied with the saddle. The saddle should not hinder, but help develop the horse, rider and riding.


A badly fitted saddle can hurt the horse both short and long term, so it is of paramount importance to ensure that a saddle is correctly fitted for each horse so that it will enable it to move naturally and develop their body in a healthy way.

The core of the business is saddle fitting but we also have products such as saddle pad, stirrup leathers, halters, bridles, etc.


Contact: Krantz Petersson, Satuna Ridsport, Satuna Backgard, 585 99, Linkoping, Sweden, Email: satunaridsport@gmail.com, Web: www.satunaridsport.se






Oxhouse Country Store

Oxhouse Country Store started in October 2012 offering a large variety of country apparel. We stock everything from clothing, boots and wellingtons to feeds, beddings, fencing, and other agricultural and equestrian supplies.


Oxhouse carries a wide range of saddles and offers a professional saddle fitting service from Sally Cartwright, SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter.


Contact: Unit 1+2 Churnet Valley Court, Dovefields Ind Estate, Uttoxeter, Staffs ST14 8HU, Tel: 01889 562343, Email: info@oxhouse.co.uk,

Web: www.oxhouse.co.uk, Facebook: www.facebook.com/oxhousecountrystore Contact: Sally Cartwright – SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter






Horseworld Dubai


Horseworld Trading is one of the longest standing equestrian brands in United Arab Emirates. With over 13 years experience in the equestrian retail trade, Horseworld Trading’s retail unit is based at Falcon & Heritage Sports Centre, Meydan – and it’s popularity has led to launching the online retail sales.

Contact: Martina Boor, Tel: +971 4 336 3610 Email: shop@horseworld.me Web: www.horseworld.me
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Horseworld-UAE/113847315341612






Shea Stewart Title Image


Shea is a certified saddle fitter and represents Bliss of London, Loxley by Bliss and Custom Saddlery.


Shea specially chose these companies for their superb craftsmanship, comfort, and most importantly, their quality in fit for the equine back. After years of rehabilitating horses, Shea found that poor saddle fit has contributed to most back pathologies. Shea researched companies and took notice of saddles that were contributing to back issues. And took notice of saddles that seemed to help horse’s performance.


Both of these companies offer saddles with wool flocked panels, wide panels and gullet, and excellent proprietary tree design that can be adjusted if your horse changes, or if you get a new horse.


Shea will help you with choosing the best fit for you and your horse, and ensure that your saddle has the highest quality of fit possible. She works with many professional trainers and amateurs and puts 100% of her focus on every horse she works on, no matter what level they are being ridden.


Contact: Shea Stewart, Dallas, TX. Tel: (831) 234 8321, Email: sheaecs@gmail.com Web: www.stewartranch.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Body-In-Balance-Saddle-Fitting-and-Equine-Craniosacral-Shea-Stewart/194751897244324








Based at Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, Terri Webb is an experienced Saddle Fitter

Terri has competed and produced many horses to a high level professionally in Showjumping & Eventing in her earlier career. With her daughter Georgie, she continued to produce performance ponies in both showing to HOYS level and in dressage. Terri now concentrates on dressage and has competed at the National Dressage Championships at Stonleigh. Currently competing at Advanced Medium she has produced her own horse, Vodea.


Terri became involved in saddle fitting through her own frustrations while producing show ponies. Terri found it difficult to source saddles which genuinely fitted and best allowed a pony to perform, whilst enabling the rider to be in the optimum position and balance.


Terri then completed a saddlery and leatherwork course and set about broadening and acquiring further knowledge of the industry.


Contact: Terri Webb, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, UK. Tel: 01989 730 509 Email: info@terriwebbsaddles.co.uk
Web: www.terriwebbsaddles.co.uk Facebook: www.facebook.com/terriwebbsaddles






Windcroft Farm


Providing unparalleled service with saddle fitter Shelby Banning, who has been fitting for over 14 years, and FEI trainer Rebecca Blikslager, with 40 years of riding experience- you get the best of both worlds. We carry a wide variety of saddles for immediate purchase or you can order something more specialized. Alongside Bliss of London, Windcroft also represents Custom Saddlery.

Contact: Rebecca Blikslager, Apex, NC Tel: 919 302 8192 Email: windcroftfarm@mindspring.com Web: www.windcroftfarm.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Windcroft-Farm/164594246951628