Welcoming New Saddle Fitters


Welcoming new saddle fitters . As the popularity of the Loxley by Bliss grows so is our dealership of professional saddle fitters.
We would like to welcome on board to the team:






Meadowlea Saddle Fitting Service is part of the Society of Master Saddlers. Based in Hampshire with over 30 years experience in saddle fitting offers Saddle Fitting, Saddle Checking, Tree Adjustments , Re- Templating Of Saddle, Flocking Adjustment, Top Up Flocking, Total Re-flocks, Girth-Strap Renewal.


Contact: Jill Tremmil – Qualified Saddle Fitter, Tel: 01730 829968 Email: meadowleasfs@btinternet.com Web: www.meadowleasaddles.co.uk







Two Time Tack was created in 1989 by Prudence Heaney because of the experience with Serendipity, her young horse, who exhibited behavior problems and physical damage caused by an ill-fitting saddle. Prudence received her Undergraduate from Lindenwood College in St. Charles, Missouri, and her Masters Degree from St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a horse owner and has been for over 30 years.


Two Time Tack is dedicated to our equine friends so they can serve us stress and pain free.


Contact: Tel: 301 7396615 Email: twoxtack@bigplanet.com Web: www.twotimetack.com Prudence Heaney







Located on the beautiful grounds of MacNair’s Country Acres Riding Facility in Raleigh, North Carolina, M&M Tack Shop was started in 1991 by long time rider and entrepreneur, Michele Karwoski. Michele moved to the Raleigh area from New England with her horse and a dream. Her goal was to open a shop that would not only serve riders with quality merchandise, but would provide an educational component as well. Her hope was to guide horse owners and riders of varying disciplines to make good choices that encompass the health, safety and wellbeing of both. Michele made that dream come true. Enhanced by a staff certified in fitting safety vests and helmets as well as certified saddle fitters, M&M Tack Shop strives to keep education and safety in the forefront while still encouraging customers to have fun. We are well into our 21st year serving the equestrian community.


Contact: Tel: 919.851.0102 Email: mary@mmtackshop.com Web: www.mmtackshop.com







Glenn has a wealth of saddlery knowledge, having been involved with saddlery training committees, the Society of Master Saddlers and Worshipful Company of Saddlers as well as having been a working trade saddler since he was seventeen. He passionately believes that the advantage gained from using a saddler to check the fit of a saddle is first: to ensure that the full potential of the horse’s performance and comfort can be achieved, whilst potentially the rider’s comfort may also be improved. A second advantage is to check the safety and condition of the saddle; a correctly fitting saddle can avoid injury to the back of the horse, resulting in expensive vet and medical expenses and also the safety of the rider.


Contact: Glenn and Trudy Hasker Email: info@englishsaddlerinfrance.com Web: http://www.englishsaddlerinfrance.com Tel: Landline: 0033 (0) 9 53 32 99 80 Mobile: 06 43 96 34 08 / France







If your saddle isn’t a good fit for both you and your horse, then you cannot make the most of your training and lessons, as you fight for your balance in the wrong saddle, or as you struggle to get your horse to move forward while he’s avoiding a saddle that pinches, rocks, or bounces.

As an independent fitter, I work on all brands of saddle – I aim to be an affordable part of the routine maintenance of your horse. I supply used saddles as well as new, and I can work with you to find what you are looking for.

Contact: Kate Wooten Tel: (865) 2074340 Email: kate@englishsaddlefit.com Web: www.englishsaddlefit.com