New consultant saddle fitter – Tiger Adams, The Horse In Sport, Colorado, USA


The craftsmanship we offer is equally as important as the knowledge and expertise in saddle fitting that you desire.

So we would like to extend a warm welcome to:

Tiger Adams, SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter from The Horse In Sport.

Now representing Bliss of London in Colorado, USA. Contact her on 970-263-0101.


When riders are looking for a saddle, I establish what their field of interest is and then review both their horses and themselves.







For the serious competitor, a custom saddle ensures that the fit for both horse and rider will provide maximum advantage. To have a saddle totally made to ones specifications is in the same price range as many off the peg models. The confidence one gains from knowing your horse is truly comfortable as well as your own comfort-is priceless.

I am pleased to be an approved fitter and repair person for most of the major saddle companies. Each horse and rider provide a unique challenge and I welcome the opportunity to help the novice as well as the experienced rider. I am available throughout the state of Colorado and travel to neighboring states as well.