New consultant saddle fitter – Stacy Berger, Saddles and Soles



The craftsmanship we offer is equally as important as the knowledge and expertise in saddle fitting that you desire. So we would like to extend a warm welcome to:

Stacy Berger from Saddles and Soles.


Now representing Bliss of London in Northern California, USA

Contact her on (530) 409 3199










I am a saddle fitter working in Northern California (Sacramento & Reno vicinity).


My name is Stacy Berger. A lifelong student of the horse and an information junky for all things equine! I reside in Shingle Springs, California with my husband Jim, our dog Jojo and our 4 horses. With a background in business and project management, my passion is solving problems. Working with horses takes that passion out of the confines of big business and conference rooms into the barn!


The common thread required for successful athletic performance & soundness (both mental & physical) is to achieve balance. Saddle fit, horsemanship and healthy hooves are components that enable you and your horse to move freely and perform your work well. I am available for appointments at your barn to evaluate your saddle, how it fits you and your horse, make needed adjustments or to advise you with new saddle purchases. I represent several brands and also evaluate and work on all brands of English and western saddles. I look forward to working with you and your horse to help you achieve your goals!