Horses Inside Out Conference – Assessment and Asymmetry


A fabulous weekend spent at the Horses Inside Out conference “Assessment and Asymmetry”, arranged by the anatomy and biomechanics author, artist and lecturer Gillian Higgins

Whilst we know that saddles can in ‘some’ instances be the cause for asymmetry, it was enlightening to learn so much more from other professionals.

Speakers included:

Adam Kemp FBHS dressage rider and coach

Andy Thomas Human Physiotherapist and lead practioner for human science and sports medicine within the BEF

Dr Lars Roepstorff Veterinary surgeon and equine biomechanist in the department of veterinary anatomy and physiology in Sweden

Dr Meike van Heel MSc BSc PhD researcher at Utrecht University

Caroline Moore FBHS 4* Event rider and coach

Haydn Price consultant farrier to the BEF

were able to offer their own individual view on asymmetry starting from the hoof working its way through the horse and saddle to the riders own balance, and the effect of the relationship these have on one another. It was certainly educational to learn the techniques being used to highlight these and more rewarding to see some of the simple exercises and approach being used in practise to enhance overall performance.

All topped of with a wonderful after dinner speach from Yogi Breisener, Chef d’Equipe to the British Eventing team which took us behind the scenes of the build up to London 2012 and the excitement there of – certainly what you dont always read in the papers!!

If you wish to view more of Gillian’s work visit or view a great video on this link